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At Fast Passport Boutique, we offer citizenship by investment solutions to individuals who want to gain the right to travel, work, and live anywhere in the world. Our range of citizenship for sale options includes golden visas and second passport opportunities through investment. The citizenship by investment programs are tailored to meet clients’ financial needs, enabling them to reap maximum benefits from the new citizenship that they acquire. We have years of experience in helping people achieve their citizenship goals; evaluating each customer’s unique situation is our priority. Our dedicated team is on hand to make sure that applicants attain reliable results with flexible requirements, belonging to one of the most recognized programs available in the market today.

Moving around the world with no limits

Paying fair taxes. Making money in a safe and transparent environment, having personal sovereignty. Enjoying reduced tax liability. This is what you get when your PLAN B is accomplished.

Citizenship By Investment Global Path

Our Citizenship By Investment By Country


It is now possible to obtain permanent residence in Cyprus. This island country in the eastern Mediterranean Sea is strategically positioned at a crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Golden Visa Greece

The Greece Residency by Investment Program that was introduced by the Greek government in 2013 to enable genuine investors to acquire residency in Greece by investing.


The Hungarian Residency by Investment program presents a remarkable opportunity for individuals seeking European residency and global prospects.

Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal’s residence permit is acquired through Portugal Golden Visa program. It is a five-year investment-based residence route for non-EU nationals.


At Fast Passport Boutique, we offer citizenship by investment solutions in Spain, also known as Golden Visa Spain, to individuals who want to gain the right to travel and work.


Latvia, situated in Northern Europe, is a lively country with a captivating history and diverse culture. The capital city, Riga, showcases a blend of ancient charm and modern design.


Malta offers two independent yet complementary routes for Permanent Residency & Citizenship. The Malta Permanent Residence Program yields a straightforward permanent residency for those who wish to make Malta their home.

Antigua and Barbuda

Citizenship-by-investment program in Antigua and Barbuda has become popular since the year 2013, when the investment program was assessed and approved by the country’s Houses of Parliament.


The Citizenship-by-Investment program in Dominica was established in 1993, offering individuals and their families irrevocable second citizenship and passport in just four to six months.


Grenada provides the only citizenship by investment program with the option to apply for E-2 USA ‘Investor Visa’ to reside in the USA. At the same time only Grenada’s Passport offers visa-free access to China.

Saint kitts & Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis introduced their first citizenship by investment program in 1984, not only allowing investors to acquire a citizenship, but also to obtain it under irrevocable pretenses.

USA Investor Visa

USCIS administers the EB-5 USA Investor Visa. Under this program, investors (and their spouses and unmarried children under 21) are eligible to apply for a Green Card (permanent residence) if they:

Costa Rica

Costa Rica citizenship is an ideal option to live abroad and is also a great place to invest. The country is a favorable destination for foreign investments.Moving to Costa Rica is possible – and with us,

Real Estate Investments For Citizenship

Experience the exceptional at Fast Passport Boutique! Our mission is to fast-track your journey to a second citizenship through smart investments. And that’s not all – we’re your partners in simplifying real estate purchases too. Leverage our vast global network and extensive experience to explore lucrative real estate investment opportunities in these desirable countries:





Your new home awaits – reach out to us now and make it yours

Real Estate Investments For Citizenship

Why a Second Passport or Residency?

  • Are you looking to optimize your global tax rates?
  • Are you geographically restricted to roam the World from your current country of residence freely?
  • Are you looking for a better quality of life for yourself and your loved ones?

We can help you create a plan B.

Fast Passport Boutique helps investors find citizenship, residency, and investment solutions for even the most challenging scenarios with our programs curated explicitly for your needs. We are experts in tax optimization strategies providing comprehensive knowledge and guidance to clients and their families to establish footings in their new ventures in other countries.

citizenship by investment
New Hungarian Residency By Investment Program

Why Choose Fast Passport Boutique?

Fast Passport Boutique is an international elite counselling firm consisting of industry experts whose priority is finding investors’ programs suited to their citizenship and residency needs.
We bring a proactive and personalized service conducted with total discretion, knowledge, integrity and speed.
Use your cryptocurrency to invest in a citizenship in a safe and stable county.
Our goal is to help you find citizenship or the perfect long-term residency program to match your ideal investment or tax benefit needs.
We will give you the peace of mind you deserve and will be there with you every step of the way.

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Discover Our Citizenship By Investment Programs

There is a sizable financial investment required to commence citizenship and investment programs. Investment types vary based on the legislative laws of the investor’s desired country. Assets can be in the form of real estate capital, business incorporation or financial contribution to a government fund, or government bonds.

Dominica Citizenship By Investment

Visa-free to 145+ countries
Passport in 8-12 months

Grenada Citizenship By Investment

Visa-free to 145+ countries
Passport in 5-8 months

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship By Investment

Visa-free to 150+ countries
Passport in 5-6 months

Fast Passport Boutique Malta

Malta Residency & Visa Program

Visa-free to 185+ countries
Passport in 1 year

Fast Passport Boutique Malta

Costa Rica Citizenship By Investment

Visa-free to 150 countries
Investment of USD 50,000

St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship Program

Visa-free to 155+ countries
Passport in 4-6 months

Portugal Golden Visa

Visa-free travel in the EU
Residence in 12 months

Cyprus Residency By Investment

Cyprus Residency By Investment

Visa-free to 170+ countries
Residence in 2 months

Greece Beach View

Golden Visa Greece

Visa-free across Schengen zone
Residence permits within 60 days

Explore Real Estate Investments For Citizenship

Explore Real Estate Investments for Citizenship

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How It Works

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We will assess your eligibility for pre-selected programs, based on your qualifications.

Choose a Program

Based on your personal and financial goals, we will help you select the most suitable path to global mobility.


We will collect and prepare all the required documentation to ensure a flawless process of your application.

Application Submission

Our team will submit your application and closely monitor the process through its completion.

Roam the World

Start enjoying your freedom. Roam the world without borders.

Benefits Of Obtaining Citizenship by Investment

There are multiple advantages of having Dual Citizenship. However, two of the most valuable benefits are Global Mobility and Financial Freedom.


A second passport can be obtained through investment, which comes with the authority of being an owner and operator of a business/property allowing the investor to explore new opportunities, while capitalizing on extended travel freedom.


Countries that offer economic citizenship typically extend to more desirable tax rates, providing tax optimization for investors. Opening accounts with reputable banks within the country of a secondary passport, creates an infrastructure of smart succession planning.


Citizenship status automatically qualifies interested domestic students, giving access to honored schools and colleges in the investor’s country of choice. Enabling the kids to experience first-class education through acquiring residency, or second citizenship.


Secondary Citizenship and programs alike allow the applicant’s family to reap the benefits of becoming a citizen of a new country in the hopes of improving the lifestyle of the family, getting access to better quality health care, security, and schools for kids to explore.

Mobility & Travel

Receiving a passport of a country that can offer economic citizenship opportunities entitles the applicant and their listed members to visa-free travel. A strong fundamental right that is gained through a second passport.

Safety & Security

Applicants who come from politically distressed areas can find comfort with a second passport. With citizenship and residency programs, applicants and their families can reconvene in their “safe haven”, avoiding turmoil and unrest that might be found back home.

Our Success Stories

As a business owner based in Moscow, I travel a lot for work and pleasure. I found it frustrating to continuously apply for visas for my travels.

I decided it was time for a second passport that will facilitate my lifestyle and business requirements. Considering my credentials and needs, I was matched with Vanuatu citizenship. Fast Passport Boutique handled the entire process with discretion, efficiency and speed. Within two months, I was holding my second passport. I would highly recommend Fast Passport Boutique to anyone who is looking for a professional and expert service with guaranteed results.

Businessman, Russia

I needed to plan for my kids’ education, as well as being able to live and explore Europe myself. I turned to Fast Passport Boutique on a friend’s recommendation and I did not regret my decision for one minute.
Together, we were able to decide on the ideal program for my family, and we applied for a Cyprus citizenship. Being a European Union country, this will allow us to educate our children in Europe, as well as give us the freedom of living and travelling in Europe as we please. Fast Passport Boutique experts were highly professional, knowledgeable and made the entire process effortless and precise. I would highly recommend Fast Passport Boutique to anyone looking to get secondary citizenship.

South Africa

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