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Jane Katkova, the founder of the company, is a Citizen of Canada and Latvia, European Union, a Canadian immigration Council and an Expert in the field of Citizenship-by-Investment.

With 2 great passports and enjoying the world without borders, Jane is an avid believer in having options and privileges offered by second citizenship.

Jane lives in Toronto, Canada, and frequently travels the world on business and pleasure.


Jane Katkova, citizenship by investment expert

Global Immigration by Jane Katkova and Associates is a global leader in citizenship and residency planning with over 25 years of experience in Canadian immigration.

In 2010, Jane expanded her international practice to include services in the area of citizenship by investment. To date, we have proudly assisted thousands of individuals from numerous parts of the world. Our Fast Passport Boutique service is designed to fulfill the ever-growing demand for global mobility.

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