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Discover the Gift of Canadian Citizenship for Your Child

– Childbirth in Canada with Jane Katkova & Fast Passport Boutique

Welcome to the world of possibilities! At Fast Passport Boutique, we are proud to offer an exclusive opportunity for your child to become a Canadian citizen through childbirth in Canada, embracing the cherished principle of “jus soli” – the right of soil. Let us do all the work while you enjoy your journey of becoming a parent.

With over 20 years of experience and strong connections with top doctors and hospitals in Toronto, Greater Toronto area and throughout the province of Ontario, we have the expertise to support you on a seamless journey to welcome your baby in Canada.

Why choose Canada for childbirth?

Canada stands proud as one of the few developed countries in the world that grants unconditional citizenship to children born on its land. Regardless of your citizenship, your child becomes a Canadian citizen upon birth, unlocking numerous advantages for a brighter future. The Canadian passport is now ranked 7th most powerful in the world with possibilities to visit 185 countries visa-free.

Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

Passport and Travel

Canadian passport allows visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to numerous countries worldwide.

Residency and Employment

As citizens, individuals have the right to reside and work in Canada without any time restrictions or work permits.

Social Benefits

Canadian citizens are eligible for various social benefits, including access to publicly funded healthcare, education, and social assistance programs.

Economic Opportunities

Citizenship provides access to a wider range of employment opportunities, government contracts, and certain professions that may be restricted to Canadian citizens.

Multiple Citizenship

Canada allows multiple citizenship, so someone born in Canada can maintain their Canadian citizenship even if they acquire citizenship in another country.

Family Sponsorship

Citizens have the right to sponsor their close family members for permanent residency in Canada.

How We Do It

Step 1

Signing the contract

Step 2

We secure a highly reputable doctor and hospital in Ontario

Step 3

Preparing for your arrival

Step 4


Step 5

First doctor appointment and follow ups before childbirth

Step 6

Your baby is born!

Step 7

Newborn’s first Pediatrician visit

Step 8

We get Child Birth certificate and a Canadian passport in 3-4 weeks

Step 9


Canada vs US

It’s considered 45% cheaper to give birth in Canada compared to childbirth in the US. Other advantages include:

Lower Birth-related Costs: In Canada, the cost of giving birth and prenatal care is often lower than in the United States, where healthcare costs are significantly higher.

Education Benefits: Canadian citizens have access to publicly funded education, including primary, secondary, and post-secondary education. This means that the child born in Canada would have access to quality education without the burden of high tuition fees.

Immigration Sponsorship: A child born in Canada can sponsor their parents for permanent residency in Canada when they reach the age of majority

Safe and Inclusive Society: Canada is known for its reputation as a safe and inclusive country, with a strong emphasis on diversity and multiculturalism.

FAQs about Child Birth

Absolutely, Canada’s immigration system does not impose any restrictions on foreign nationals giving birth on Canadian soil.

No, the evaluation process for a Canadian visa applicant who is pregnant should solely consider factors such as the applicant’s income, eligibility for entry, and ties to their home country. The intention to give birth in Canada should not affect the visa decision.

Yes, a child born in Canada will automatically gain Canadian citizenship and will not need to go through the process of applying for Canadian permanent residency or citizenship.

Certainly, both the father and other relatives are permitted to visit the mother and the newborn at the hospital.
The cost of a natural birth and hospital stay can vary based on factors like the hospital you choose and your personal preferences. We help our clients make informed decisions by providing detailed information to assist with budget planning. If you’re interested in the idea of giving birth in Canada, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to provide you with more detailed information.

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