What is Citizenship by Descent? How can I get it?

What is Citizenship by Descent? How can I get it?

Citizenship by Descent (CBD) is a unique way to get a second passport while learning more about your family’s heritage and how it can open up international opportunities for you. If a country follows the Jus Sanguinis (right of blood) nationality law, you can apply for it. To do that, you need to prove your ancestral roots and show how your bloodline connects to the country.  

 Getting a second passport through citizenship by descent comes with several benefits, including lower taxes, visa-free travel, and access to education and healthcare in the country, similar to citizenship by investment (CBI).

 The significant difference is that citizenship by descent is much more cost-effective. It offers the same advantages as those available to wealthier individuals but without the hefty investment of over $100,000.

Is CBD worth it?

The biggest question people are faced with is whether to get their second passport by descent or by investment. While CBD is the cost-effective option, it takes significant time to process and verify. It also bears a lot of responsibility on you to go through your family’s history to find your ancestors’ birth dates and birth certificates.

 If time is tight but you have enough money and want a second passport, going for citizenship by investment makes more sense. However, with our manager’s help, Fast Passport Boutique by Jane Katkova service can ease the process if you decide on citizenship by descent. This way, you can enjoy the affordability of CBD without spending as much time handling it on your own.

 Things To Consider:

When considering CBD, one big factor is whether your family’s home country offers it. If not, you might need to explore getting a second passport through investment in another country. Also, consider what your current country of residence thinks about having dual citizenship.

If there are no laws against it, you are fine, but if they don’t allow it, you would have to choose either your birth country or your heritage. If you decide to go with the country of heritage, you will have to renounce the citizenship of your birth country.  

 How to Apply for a CBD:

For the most part, applying for a CBD is a very straightforward process. But, as mentioned earlier, it is time-consuming. We will take you through the process below:

 Find Out if you are Eligible: In determining your eligibility, you must find the birth certificates of your ancestors born in the country you are inquiring about. Without having a form of I.D. that proves their history, your citizenship claim won’t be too good.

 Keep in mind that different countries with Jus Sanguinis law have different requirements, each country should not stray too far from the shared expectations of applicants, but some governments might have either less or more requirements, so you will have to keep this in mind when you are looking through your family’s documents.

Most countries will require you to prove that your ancestors didn’t renounce or lose their citizenship before passing it on to you. Examples include making sure your grandmother didn’t renounce her citizenship to become a citizen of your birth country before birthing your mother/father. If she did not renounce it, then your mother would be eligible for a CBD, and by proxy, so would you.

 Prepare Your Application: If you have determined that you are eligible for CBD, you are one step closer to getting your citizenship. Remember, finding out you are eligible and having proper documentation is essential. Ensure that you are thorough and have birth certificates and proof for the people related to the process.

 This step looks at the documents you will need to submit your application. Every country with Jus Sanguinis might have its own set of required documents. All that information can be found on the consular website of the country offering the CBD program. In general, every country requests the following documents:

  • Your birth certificate.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • The birth certificate of your ancestors relative to your claim for citizenship.
  • Any related marriage, divorce, naturalization, and death certificates.

 All of the supplied documents must be in the country’s official language and have an Apostille; if the country does not have an Apostille type of authentication, then a government authentication tag is required.

When preparing your application document package, be thorough and meticulous when putting it together. Make sure you do everything correctly, as it might result in the denial of your application.

 Wait for the Decision: Once you submit everything the country’s consulate requires for a CBD, you have to sit and wait for the verdict, unlike Citizenship by Investment programs, where the timeline for processing and approval is pre-determined. CBD processing and approval times are incredibly inconsistent and can happen quickly or slowly.

 Some CBD cases, from start to finish, have taken several weeks, all the way up to a few years, really making it an unpredictable process. This is because, unlike citizenship by investment, where the country’s government makes a decent amount of money from investors, CBD applicants pay small processing fees.

 Nevertheless, if there is no immediate urgency, and you have a bloodline that traces back to a country with Jus Sanguinis, there is no reason not to try to get a passport.

 If you have any questions or would like to get your second passport from Citizenship by descent, our experts at Fast Passport Boutique would be happy to help take all the weight off your shoulders and answer any of your questions.

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