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North Macedonia Citizenship by Investment

At Fast Passport Boutique, we are excited to offer you the opportunity to invest in North Macedonia. Adding North Macedonia to our roster of options is exciting for investors looking for European countries to invest with, and it is quite an appealing program. This business-friendly program started in 2016. North Macedonia is a new NATO member and is projected to be one of the most valuable European countries to invest with.


North Macedonia allows citizenship holders to pass down their citizenship to their kids, making it a desirable option for families, as their kids, even if they aren’t born in the country, are entitled to a citizenship. This program would allow you to easily travel across Europe while reaping the benefits of residing in North Macedonia.

North Macedonia Overview

North Macedonia is located in Southeast Europe, bordering Kosovo, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania. North Macedonia has a mountainous landscape, with charming city centres that sit in the valleys. North Macedonia has an economy that revolves around industrial manufacturing, textiles, and energy production; the rising demand for these services makes North Macedonia a valuable asset for people looking to get involved in those industries.


As of March 2020, North Macedonia joined NATO, further strengthening its diplomatic relations with fellow NATO countries and opening the door for economic growth.


Minimum investment of USD 100,000

Processing Time

Processing time of two to three months.

Key Benefit

Visa free travel to over 150 countries

North Macedonia Citizenship By Investment Requirements

  • North Macedonia offers two options for investments:

    1. Private Investment Fund requires an investment of €200,000 in an existing business that has been active for 2 years.
    2. A direct investment in new facilities, which would enable you to start your own business in North Macedonia with a minimum investment of €400,000. The company must create 10 jobs and be operational for at least 1 year. You also must provide:
    • Police certificates of clearance
    • Detailed curriculum vitae (CV)
    • Proof of finances
Citizenship By Investment

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Benefits of North Macedonia Passport


  • Client contacts Jane Katkova
  • Initial due diligence checks completed
  • Client agreement signed and retainer paid
  • Requirements fulfilled
  • Application for North Macedonian citizenship submitted to the government
  • Application approved
  • Full citizenship received

Global Mobility

  • Visa-free access to 130 countries.
  • North Macedonia is an EU candidate member state, offering access to a strategically positioned trade market, business investment opportunities
  • North Macedonian citizenship can be passed down to future generations, making its CBI program an excellent option for families.
  • There is no set residency limit for applicants. You would not have to live in North Macedonia to get a citizenship.
  • There are no language assessments to obtain a citizenship.
  • Access to a highly qualified workforce and fast company registration systems make it an excellent country to start and develop a business.

Wealth Protection

  • Favourable tax regime (10% corporate tax rate).

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Country Information

The official name is the Republic of North Macedonia.

Macedonian is the national language of North Macedonia. Albanian is also widely used.

Orthodox Christianity is the official religion of North Macedonia. Islam is also prominent due to the large Albanian population.

In North Macedonia, industries like textiles, manufacturing, transportation, and energy are thriving, showcasing a strong emphasis on industrial development.

Capital: Skopje

Currency: Macedonian Denar

Exchange Rate: 1 USD = 56.44 Macedonian Denar

Population: 2.085 Million

Government Type: Parliamentary Republic

Languages: Macedonian, Albanian, English

Citizenship By Investment

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FAQs about North Macedonia

North Macedonia is in the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe.

An application form, passports, passports’ photos, birth certificates, marriage certificates, police certificates, a due diligence report by a reputable third-party international firm, a sworn oath to pledge allegiance to the country, the main applicant’s CV, signed prospectus and share redemption prospectus with the government approved fund.

Yes, if you are the main applicant, the program grants you lifetime citizenship that can be passed onto your dependent children and future generations.


The visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 130 destinations is applicable to the main applicant and their spouse, all dependents aged 18 and older.


The entirety of the North Macedonian CBI process takes from 3 to 4 months.