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Latvia Overview

Latvia, situated in Northern Europe, is a lively country with a captivating history and diverse culture. The capital city, Riga, showcases a blend of ancient charm and modern design. Surrounded by scenic landscapes including forests, lakes, and the Baltic Sea coast, Latvia offers outdoor enthusiasts a wide range of activities. The country experiences warm summers and snowy winters, adding to its seasonal appeal. Renowned for its focus on education and technology, Latvia is part of the European Union and the Eurozone, contributing to its thriving economy.

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Latvian Residency By Investment

The Latvia Residence by Investment Program is one of the quickest and most competitive initiatives to receive residency in Europe right now. Launched on July 1, 2010, by the Latvian government, it aimed to recover from the 2007–2009 economic crisis. In just five years, the program contributed over EUR 1.3 billion to Latvia’s economy, largely through real estate investments by foreign individuals (though real estate option ended in January 2022).

To qualify, foreign nationals can obtain a Latvian residence permit by investing in a Latvian company’s equity, making a subordinated loan in Latvian banks, or purchasing government bonds designated for specific purposes.

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Latvia Residency By Investment Type

Investment Type & Costs

  • Investors can obtain a five-year residency permit by investing €50,000 in a Latvian company.
  • The business must pay at least €40,000 in tax annually.
  • Additionally, an investor needs to make a one-time donation of €10,000 to the government.
  • Application and processing fees are also part of the process.

Permanent Residence and Citizenship

After five years of having the residence permit, applicants can apply for a permanent one. To be eligible, they should have lived in Latvia for at least four out of those five years. They also need to pass a basic Latvian language test at Level A2 and show their knowledge of Latvia’s history and national anthem. Generally, giving up their previous citizenship is necessary for Latvian citizenship, but there might be exceptions.

Family Dependants

Applicants need to show that they have enough money to support their family’s living costs without relying on help from the Latvian government:

  • EUR 15,480 per year for the main applicant alone
  • EUR 20,640 per year for the main applicant and their spouse
  • EUR 22,188 per year for a married couple with one child

Benefits of Latvian Residency

  • Visa-free entry to Europe’s Schengen Area
  • No minimum stay requirement for residence permit renewal
  • Fast-track application process
  • Russian language widely spoken
  • Strong transportation links with Russia and EU states
  • Eligibility to apply for citizenship after 10 years of legal residence
  • Affordable investment of 50,000 Euros plus fees and legal costs, averaging around 95,000 – 100,000 euros based on family size

Latvia Country Information






1 USD = 0.89 EUR


1,9 million



Latvian, English, Russian

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