New Indonesia Golden Visa Program

Indonesia Introduces Its New Golden Visa Program

Indonesia is gearing up to launch its golden visa program, aiming to attract global talent and investors to its Southeast Asian shores by September 2023. This visa will provide a convenient 5 or 10-year path to citizenship, granting holders the freedom to live, work, and invest in the country, including sought-after destinations like Bali. The tourism minister, Sandiaga Uno, envisions the golden visa as a game-changing policy that will lure skilled individuals in digitalization, health, research, and technology, along with entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

Not Indonesia’s First Golden Visa

Although Indonesia’s golden visa is on the horizon, the country has already been catering to wealthy retirees and digital nomads with its Second Home visa. This 10-year visa allows eligible foreigners to reside in Indonesia’s stunning tourist spots. Applicants need to demonstrate proof of funds totaling approximately $130,000 deposited in a local bank to secure this visa, which became available in December last year.

The Golden Visa Craze in Southeast Asia

Indonesia’s decision to join the golden visa trend has solidified the country’s position in a growing club of Southeast Asian nations that recognize the immense potential of this enticing opportunity. Countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand have already embraced investor visa regulations, seeking to attract top talent and vital investments. Singapore, renowned for its thriving economy, offers a long-term visa with an investment threshold of nearly $8 million, making it an attractive option for wealthy Chinese nationals seeking stability and economic security close to home. Moreover, Singapore’s ONE Pass program extends long-term visas to foreign workers earning a minimum of $22,000 per month.

Not Indonesias First Golden Visa

Malaysia’s Offerings for Investors

Malaysia, a country teeming with diverse opportunities, has been actively welcoming foreign investors through two alluring investor visa programs – Malaysia My Second Home and the recently-introduced Premium Visa Program. These initiatives grant long-term residency visas with varying validity periods, in exchange for local bank deposits starting from approximately $215,000. These visa options have significantly contributed to Malaysia’s economic growth and have successfully attracted foreign talent to fuel the nation’s development.

Indonesia Prepares For It’s New Golden Visa

As Indonesia readies itself to introduce the golden visa program, it stands poised to catalyze a surge of investment and attract a vibrant pool of skilled professionals to contribute to the nation’s progress. The Southeast Asian region, embracing the golden visa trend, is set to witness an influx of international interest and an economic renaissance. The golden visa program opens doors to endless opportunities for those seeking to embark on an exciting journey in a land of captivating beauty, rich heritage, and boundless potential. As September approaches, the world awaits Indonesia’s golden visa program with bated breath, eager to witness the transformation of this tropical gem into a global hotspot for talent and investments.

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