Discover the Power of Portuguese and Greek Passports on the Global Stage

Discover the Power of Portuguese and Greek Passports on the Global Stage

Passport rankings play a crucial role in defining a country’s global mobility and travel freedom. The ‘Henley Passport Index’ is one of the most influential ranking systems that assess countries based on their visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to different destinations.

In this context, Portugal and Greece have emerged as significant players, showcasing the power and potential of their passports on the global stage.

The Henley Passport Index and Passport Strength

The ‘Henley Passport Index’ is a quarterly report compiled by Henley and Partners, a renowned global citizenship and residence advisory firm based in London, which provides valuable insights into passport strength. The latest rankings reveal intriguing developments for Portugal and Greece.

Portuguese Passport Power – Ranked 5th

Let’s begin with the Portuguese passport. Currently, it is ranked 5th on the Henley Passport Index.

With visa-free access to 187 countries, Portuguese passport holders can easily travel around the world. This ranking shows the international standing of Portugal and the strong diplomatic relations it maintains with countries around the globe.

Holding the 5th position along with other powerful passports (such as Belgium, Czech Republic, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, and Switzerland) Portugal has firmly established itself as a key player in global travel freedom.

Greek Passport Influence – Ranked 8th

Greek Passport Influence – Ranked 8th

Greece also ranks high on the Henley Passport Index. The Greek passport ranks 8th, offering visa-free access to 185 countries.

This ranking reflects the global influence of Greece and its historical importance as a center of culture, trade, and communication.

For Greek passport holders, their passport means a gateway to different countries and proof of the continued attractiveness of Greece to the whole world.

EU Membership and Passport Strength

Both Portugal and Greece share a trait that contributes to their strong passport rankings – membership in the European Union (EU). EU membership has brought numerous benefits to these countries, including the increased diplomatic relations, economic opportunities and, most importantly, favorable visa policies with other countries. Being EU members, Portugal and Greece are part of a well-regarded bloc with privileged status in international affairs.

Moreover, Portugal and Greece have made notable efforts to strengthen their diplomatic ties with countries worldwide. Engaging in fruitful diplomatic exchanges, participating in international forums, and fostering strong bilateral relationships have been vital strategies for both nations facilitating the elevation of their passport rankings.

The 5th place Portugal Passport

The 5th place Portugal holds in the ranking reflects the country’s desire to build bridges with other countries and to create opportunities for the citizens to freely explore the world. Historical ties between Portugal and its former colonies as well as the active position Portugal plays in the international organizations have further contributed to its strong global position.

The 8th Place Greece Passport

Similarly, the 8th place Greece holds in the ranking reflects its commitment to strengthening ties with neighboring countries and peoples around the world. The rich cultural heritage of Greece, combined with its strategic geographic location, has made the country an important player not only in the Mediterranean region but beyond.

Portugal & Greece As Tourist Destinations

Portugal & Greece As Tourist Destinations

Both nations have also leveraged their attractiveness as tourist destinations to enhance their passport power. Tourism plays a significant role in shaping a country’s image and soft power, and Portugal and Greece have successfully capitalized on their breathtaking landscapes, cultural treasures, and warm hospitality to draw visitors from around the world. As tourists experience the allure of these countries, they become potential supporters of the country’s passport power.

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